Have anyone tried Olanzapine and Abilify combo? Transitionning to Abilify

So my Doc agreed that they will change my meds to Abilify, but first she wants me to take low dose of Abilify and keep my Olanzapine for a while before reducing. Im on 20mg Olanzapine.

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Done that - Abilify made me insomniac, only had it for 2 weeks though.
and the withdrawal from zyprexa - was quite hard.

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I know whats Zyprexa withdrawal is like and have to prepare for that, Abilify insomnia, i think normal people sleep for 8 hours, on Olanzapine a sleep for 13 hours, i will try to hang on to Abilify and maybe itll go away, the Insomnia. But ill start at 2.5mg Abilify, gradually theyll increase to 10mg.

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Yes… Im on 15 mg abilify and my pdoc has allowed me to take 2.5 mg of olanzapine when i need it.

I prefer abilify to olanzapine.


Any extra side-effect when you take with that 2.5 Olanzapine?

No, not at all… Sometimes i get very depressed, and then i have to take 2.5 mg olanzapine on top of the abilify.

I slept good on olanzapine, but i sleep almost just as good on abilify, but that might be because i take 15 mg of Mirtazapine (an AD) when i go to sleep.

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I just wonder if small dose of Abilify will decrease sugar level and cholesterol if im with Olanzapine. Well the main point is with Olanzapine alone i have these bloodtest problem, sugar and cholesterol.

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I had the same blood test problems on Olanzapine. I was on Olanzapine and transitioned to Abilify. Abilify didn’t work and I became psychotic and started having hallucinations, went back on Olanzapine.

Edit: I should add I lowered my dose of Olanzapine to 2.5mg and started taking Latuda, been on that combo for years and it has worked out good. My blood test results are now good.

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how long did it take for you guys to get off the olanzapine/on 2.5? im currently in the process of switching to abilify from olanzapine and the insomnia is pretty rough

Abilify is known to cause insomnia and anxiety in some ppl. Give it time a few weeks and see if it improves. I was on 20mg Abilify for 8 years and the only side effects I had were shopping and sex addictions.

I’m on Abilify injections every 3 weeks.

Olanzapine as needed for positive symptoms.

Prevestatin for cholesterol.

Too much dosage (10mg) of Olanzapine gave me jumpy legs while trying to sleep. When I cut it down to 5mg, I was okay.

The insomnia after quitting Olanzapine is relentless, that is why I am still on 2.5mg of Olanzapine. I can’t sleep without it. I went 2 months without Olanzapine and my insomnia never improved, not even slightly. Tried all kinds of things to sleep but never could, felt like sh*t the whole time. Went back on Olanzapine and started sleeping that very night. I’ve been on the Latuda/Zyprexa combo for a few years now, works out pretty good.

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