Anyone go from bad to good real quick

Yesterday was hell but today is a lot better. 24hrs made all the difference. Anyone else identify with this?


Every day, couple of times a day! Yay

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Yes, I do, but there’s normally a reason, like having too much coffee the day before.

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this happens to me more often…:alien:

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Yeah, then it cycles round and round again, if it cycles fast enough I can skip over one mood and head directly into the other. Sometimes it skips moods, other times it just multiplies the one I’m stuck on an drives it into a miserable intense place I want out of fast.

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As part bipolar, yes. :sob:

good, bad, mad, sad, happy and the dreaded ‘I feel absolutely nothing’ all before 10 am on a daily basis :thinking:
maybe an over exaggeration, but my moods are crazy crazy crazy and constantly change. and depends on the day… but still have unusual mood swings, even on a good day.

That would be me, yes. Ten times a day.
At least there is a one thing that’s good about it: you simply know it’s going to be better because that’s how you roll. :grinning:


i think it depends what you do and sleep is very important.