Anyone get relief from ocd intrusive thoughts on zoloft?

My dr just prescribed it after i told her about my intrusive thoughts and images and being suicidial

It helps me to focus some more to normal reality instead of playing delusional thinking in my mind all the time around people.

I’m on Zoloft for my intrusions, it helps, it’s calmed them down and I can let them go easier.

Therapy also helps with intrusive thoughts

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How long did it take for relief? How often do you go to therapy? Is it edmr?

I’m on 200mg, took about 4 months to build up to that dose and to get full effect.

I go to therapy once a month, and we use CBT.

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I suffer from OCD intrusive thoughts too. But I do not take anything for them. For my prn I take clonazepam.

What were your intrusive thoughts like

I haven’t noticed a difference on it. I’m reducing what meds I take, and this is one I plan to cut out. I know my pdoc will support me.

Random thoughts that weren’t like me, Off the wall violent thoughts, sometimes inappropriately sexual. Then I would obsess about these thoughts, why I had them, what that makes me.

Same same oh my words

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I have no idea where they come from and they depress me

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I’m intrigued. I think I do this a lil bit. Did your mind play the opposite game?

Not really it changes your thinking in a positive way if you put a little effort is all I was trying to say.

zoloft worsen my psychosis, cuz it increases dopamine

For OCD there are several supplements you can try but the main problem with supplements and drugs like antidepressants is it will affect your short term and long term memory formation and recall. If you not care about memory then you can try antidepressants. In supplement category mayoinositol works but be warned it will affect your working and short term memory. Benefits is it will greatly improve anxiety and thus if you have social anxiety, OCD, phobia etc it will be very useful.

Another good supplement for OCD and general anxiety is NAC. It will not affect your memory much and only slightly and that too the effects vanish soon after you discontinue NAC.

Another one and the best of all with least side effect is methylation agents like DMG, TMG, Methylfolate etc. DMG is best among these.

If you are looking for a best combo supplement with least side effects for OCD then take DMG and NAC.

Do all antidepressant medicine do this?

I thought it was only serotonin

Most psychiatric drugs affect memory. The reason is they all actually numbing drugs meaning it makes it hard for the individual to keep thinking a bad memory or thought or event in their mind. This also mean the individual can’t take new information as effectively due to the numbing effect. Its almost like sedation mode caused from alcohol, benzo etc. Due to this numbing effect the individual not find bad memory or thought so appealing thus less depression inducing. Without affecting memory the desired antidepressant affect can’t be reached. Actually a better way to bring the antidepressant affect is by improving cognition or improving the filter part of the brain so that mind can quickly filter out processing bad thoughts, memory. This way selectively choosing which to focus on and which to filter out. Certain drugs can do this. This why when we take such drugs we feel energetic, motivated and at the same time not indulge in depressive thoughts. Methylation drugs is one among them though there might be more. DMG is one among them. It not affect memory and at the same time bring the antidepressant property.