Anyone from Portland Oregan?


Is anyone from Portland Oregan? Do you reccommend moving there? Is renting a place expensive there?


There is an expensive cost of living in Portland. My friend lives downtown in a high rise apt and luckily his grandparents pay his way. I live in Albany and it’s pretty cheap rent. Nearby Corvallis has more spendy rent than Albany but has the younger crowd with the university. Also great resuraurants!

I would recommend Oregon as a nice place to live. Low crime, environmentally inclined practices. Beautiful parks and trails.

There’s even a psychiatric emergency service called Unity in Portland. It is a really cool idea that I would like to see more of in Oregon and throughout the states. Gotta have a safety net with psych wards being usually at capacity. Vote for more and better mental health services!


I live in Portland! Renting here is ridiculous. They have a law where if they increase your rent more than 10% they have to pay you to help you relocate. So EVERYWHERE raises rent 9.5% every year. Every. Year. It’s unsustainable. We’ve been here 5 years, and we’re going to have to move out of the metro area, probably far away, next year. We can only afford one more year here.