Anyone ever tried martial arts?


i went back to a class i stopped over a year ago for various reasons that i cannot explain, i only went for a few months but it was really good.

idk if anyone remembers me writing about going to Aikido but it must have been on the old forum, anyway i really think this is something i can do on a regular basis as it is so much fun,

tonight i was rather confused as i was getting mixed up with my left and right but at the end i got into the swing of it more and i was a lot more determined so i just stuck with my right arm and that helped a lot.
only thing about it was that my left inside thigh tendon was pretty sore but i didnt let that bother me as i told the person in charge and he was ok with it, it was at the start when we were puting the mats down that i must have strained it.

my glasses were a life saver as they helped me keep my focus and concentration through out they really help with a lot of things like that, driving, college, reading. its the meds that mess with my eyes and thats why the correct specs are best.


I became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 11. I have forgotten virtually all of it. I enjoyed it a lot.


I have a few belts in Krav Maga. I quit after beating everyone but the head instructor in a sparring match.


is that like Aikido?

in Aikido we do not compete against each other and it is not a sport really so you cant really beat anyone at it, you also use the bokken and jo to train with which is a lot of fun. i havent got any equipment yet so i have been borrowing others.


I signed up for karate classes when I was 24?..25?. I went to about 4 of the classes and quit for some reason that I can’t remember.


good on you, grasshopper.
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nah Krav Maga is hand to hand combat from the Israeli military


this is very interesting and it confirms more deeply what i thought Aikido was about, its like its not even a martial art but more of a work of art i think.

Development of aikido[edit]
The real birth of aikido came as the result of three instances of spiritual awakening that Ueshiba experienced. The first happened in 1925, after Ueshiba had defeated a naval officer’s bokken (wooden katana) attacks unarmed and without hurting the officer. Ueshiba then walked to his garden and had a spiritual awakening.

… I felt the universe suddenly quake, and that a golden spirit sprang up from the ground, veiled my body, and changed my body into a golden one. At the same time my body became light. I was able to understand the whispering of the birds, and was clearly aware of the mind of God, the creator of the universe.
At that moment I was enlightened: the source of budo is God’s love – the spirit of loving protection for all beings …
Budo is not the felling of an opponent by force; nor is it a tool to lead the world to destruction with arms. True Budo is to accept the spirit of the universe, keep the peace of the world, correctly produce, protect and cultivate all beings in nature.[16]
His second experience occurred in 1940 when,

“Around 2am as I was performing misogi, I suddenly forgot all the martial techniques I had ever learned. The techniques of my teachers appeared completely new. Now they were vehicles for the cultivation of life, knowledge, and virtue, not devices to throw people with.”[17]
His third experience was in 1942 during the worst fighting of WWII, Ueshiba had a vision of the “Great Spirit of Peace”.[2]:5–10

“The Way of the Warrior has been misunderstood. It is not a means to kill and destroy others. Those who seek to compete and better one another are making a terrible mistake. To smash, injure, or destroy is the worst thing a human being can do. The real Way of a Warrior is to prevent such slaughter – it is the Art of Peace, the power of love.”[18]


i like what you wrote, very pure of heart…
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it was taken from wikipedia mr sith, i should have mentioned.


i have run out of hearts, so i ’ heart ’ you.
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I’ve been very seriously considering taking martial arts. I think that I would benefit from the disciple and physical activity.

I have always been a little bit aggressive at times, but since my onset I have a strong desire and enjoyment for physically aggressive activities. Ie: contact sports, “cliff” jumping, pretty much anything I used to be too afraid to do. Maybe it’s my way of getting out repressed anger and frustration.


Too gangly and uncoordinated for martial arts. Prefer fencing and water polo.

I think I could honestly kick some butt… if we’re in 16 feet of water.


No but I’ve always wanted to do MMA or kick boxing.


I have never been into hurting others without the reason of self defense. With three older brothers and their friends always picking on me, it became second nature to defend myself from the constant, stupid and not to mention embarrassing tricks they thought hilarious to pull on me.
I do like to watch competitive sports, even if considered violent, as long as it is a fair competition.

Nothing is more cowardly than an unfair fight.


I took up Kung Fu as a teen- pre SZA days. I really was into Bruce Lee :punch:


I was into Karate way back in the 70’s. I would rather have learned Judo at that time but it was not available here.