Seroquel vs risperdal weight gain

Im still debating this latuda because I didn’t know akasthia doesn’t go away on its own. I heard seroquel makes you gain a lot of weight but how does that compare to the supposed weight nuetral risperdone. Im at a 36 waist from a 34 on risperdone and i keep growing. I was hoping latuda would be a miracle drug for the brain but the akasthia is too much.

I’ve been on Seroquel for ten years, and I haven’t gained weight on it. Of course, different drugs can affect people differently.

Seroquel and Risperdal weight gain potential are about the same - depends on how the individual reacts.

Through a low carb diet and daily exercise, one can minimize the weight gain side effects from the Antipsychotics - I lost over 30 pounds on Risperdal