Should I report vocational rehab counselor?

She dismissed my outright statement that I do not want an office job and want to do IT or substitute teach. She does not think about my concerns and wants me to find a job right away after training in document scanning, specifically in part time office work. I told her"no" many times. I feel dissatisfied with her service.

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I don’t know… Just feeling mad, maybe being extreme. All I get when it comes to money is “no.” No I can’t sign for your disability because I think you can work my doctor says. No I won’t let you choose your own career vocational rehab counselor says. I used to be a scholarship student and everyone was raining money on me to study abroad, etc. There is so much money for those who are already successful. Then those who really need it get nothing.

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It’s not her fault. That’s all she has the funding to do, probably. The whole system is just broken. You could try reporting her, but I honestly don’t think it will make a difference.

I already have the qualifications to substitute teach. All she’d have to do is pay for a $80 class.

Also she showed me her assessment report and every aspect such as meeting with me once every few months costs thousands of dollars. Additionally, I could easily find an office job without her help as I already have experience. Why waste thousands of dollars in government money. I want to benefit from some service there… It is mind boggling what a waste of time and money the whole process is…?!

You can try reporting her if you want. Maybe it will make a difference. I’m just totally disillusioned with vocational rehab. They seem to only pay for real training for folks with physical disabilities.

I wanted them to pay for an advanced cake decorating class, so I could just work in a bakery again and make beautiful cakes all day. But I was told that was an unrealistic goal for my abilities. Well, screw them. Now I’m doing incredible things and they had no part in it because they didn’t believe I was more than my label.

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Yes it probably is funding or something… I’ll let it go… I’m more angry than I should be about this. But I intend to make the most of their services and give them more work. Take my time as I see fit, maybe see if my new case manager can do more for me. When one door closes another door opens. You’re doing well now and that’s the important thing.

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I tried VR once too. I think i already wrote about it to you in another post a while back?

The thing about VR is they mostly work to find (or prove a person can work) a job, any job, for those appling for SSDI or SSI.

Other than that, they might help a person find a low pay job. They might pay for some kind of training for very few people. Their main priority is to spend no money. If they can find a person a job, any job, for any pay that is more than about $1040/month, that is all that matters to them.


1040 is good if you get benefits. Not enough to live on or at least live independently.

Has anyone tried a temp agency?

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I said $1040/month because that is what the average minimum wage job at 40 hours a week pays.

More importantly, It is the cut-off limit for qualifing for SSI or SSDI. If work gets us $1040/month or more, then we dont qualify.

Stinks right?!

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If you were me what would you do? Reapply for disability or start working the part time even if it means making about what you would make on disability? I know it’s probably better to wait but I kinda want to give working another shot.
Also @insidemind I tried a temp agency and got a very easy bank job that pays $12 per hour in less than a month.

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I get SSI for SZA. I got it my first shot despite the rejection rate. You could always get a lawyer. That is what I would have done if I got rejected. I’m guessing I have to take my meds and see a psychiatrist regularly.

I get reviewed periodically and follow the rules. The big thing is doing the paperwork correctly.

I don’t know your specific circumstances, but I hope you get what you are looking for.

I only wish people would take me seriously for office work. They usually try to stick me in housekeeping or restaurant work. Probably because of my surname or the color of my skin?

You need experience. Once you get your first job, it is easy to get more. A good place to start is a government office job that just requires a bachelors degree.

I have some experience in a government office as a volunteer. And, I have a bachelors of science degree.

That is a good start. Try part time or a entry level job to gain experience. With experience, people are fighting each other to hire you.

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Really? I don’t have much experience but I have some. Filing, data entry, fax machine, copying, answering phones and stuff like that.

Yes before I had any experience, I never found a job in a year. Once I had 6 months of bookkeeping experience, it was really easy to find a job.

I don’t have any bookkeeping experience. I don’t know if I would be any good at that or not. I’ve never studied it or done it. I only have one semester of college business math under my belt. I got an “A” in it though.

It doesn’t matter. I had no bookkeeping knowledge either. Just did what I was told. Not everything needs a degree. Any work experience will help you but try to get office work experience. I am searching random jobs online and it looks like administrative work is very mobile. With 6 years of exerience you can get a very good job!

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