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Hello peeps,

Hope this post finds you all well :dizzy:

Just wondering if any of us have been through Vocational Rehabilitation Services— it’s essentially a state-funded program to help those of us with disabilities find gainful employment with additional accommodations:

Have You Tried Vocational Rehabilitation?
  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t
  • Wasn’t aware that existed
  • Those services aren’t offered where I live
  • Other

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I started the program last Fall, and wound up finding a job outside of the program.

Unfortunately, I have little accommodations there and it’s basically super rough on me with this illness. So now, I’m going back to the rehabilitation program to try and find a better-suited job.

So yea, just wondering if y’all have tried using these types of services, or if they’re even offered where you live.

Thanks :dizzy:


I think my community mental health team has an occupational therapy department. Not 100% sure what their role is but I think it helps with this sort of stuff.

An old CPN I had said the team had a list of employers who expressed interest in accommodating folk who had mental health problems

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I currently go to RDS, Rehabilitation Day Services. It’s main purpose besides employment is to keep you out of the hospital and functioning in society. It’s been a really good experience for me. They don’t pressure you to find a job.


Hi folks,

The poll is not anonymous, just to let y’all know.

If you would like to elaborate, comments are most welcome :blush:.

Have a great day :dizzy:

I personally have never had any experiences with them, but my fiancée and her aunt have both worked at a place called “Job corp”.

They seem a good way for some people to go. With the difficulties this illness presents, and the stressors of the working world, it can help good people.

Thinking of going for another round?

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I had a very negative experience. They wanted me to work a sub-minimum wage labor job. I wanted them to pay for training to work a sustainable living wage job. I ended up going out on my own and finding a job that way.


Job corps is awesome, but only for people younger than I believe 24. It’s sort of like military boarding school, you live in the dorms and wear the provided uniform and take classes. It is a great way to get a trade certification, provided you can deal with the living situation.


Yeah. I think you’re right on the age limit.

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Ah, very cool @Ooorgle :dizzy:

I’ve heard of people having good luck with Job Corps for sure.

I’m defos thinking about giving it another whirl on the ol’ job-mobile.

Making sure to apply for disability as well, just in case.

Lots of paperwork at the Tuna Fish household at the moment :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:.

Hope all’s well :dizzy:


I think that’s wonderful.

I know how much keeping up the fake customer service retail work persona just drains your spirit.

I’m well, and I’m wishing you great things!


Geez that’s rough @ninjastar.

That’s what I’m worried about— some craptastic job with virtually no pay.

So far, it’s been a legit experience with this particular office, so I’m trying to remain as optimistic as one can.

Glad you’re doing what you wanna do now :+1:

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