Anyone ever paid a bill twice by accident

Anyone ever pay a bill twice? That’s what happened to me on Tuesday and it hasn’t been processed yet so I can get a refund. It was my technology bill (cable, home phone, internet). I’m just going to have to be patient. But still, Aarghhh!

Happened to me with UPS, they did it though, for my business account, they took out 800.00 twice, what a pain

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I paid my credit card bill twice once. I couldn’t get a refund, but they added it as credit. Talk about a pain. I had to be super frugal that month.

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It’s good when the next bill comes in and you’re in credit.

I didn’t pay the same bill twice, but when I finally got my finances sorted out, I realised that I had been paying two different long term travel insurances for a couple of years. And when I went on holiday, I always took an extra insurance still, because I couldn’t remember having a travel insurance (I took them in a period of severe stress and dissociation). And because I was ill most of the time, I almost never went on holiday, so I didn’t even need a year round travel insurance. What a waste of money! I felt really stupid.

I’ve payed bills twice and got a refund. But more often I forget to pay bills. My husband takes care of the bills now.