Anyone ever hear of Maslow's Triangle?


The hierarchy was expanded to about eight levels as some extra things crept in:

Over the years I’ve seen poor people who have unmet needs at the bottom of the pyramid, yet who are more self-actualized that those who have all of their needs met (think Paris Hilton). There’s always an exception to the rule, at least in psychology.


Good article, @MrSquirrel. I’ve seen homeless people have friends and compete for status in their groups. You don’t have to have one level satisfied to move on to the next. I’m pretty self-actualized, according to the list on that article. However, I’m not Einstein :slight_smile: I’m a work in progress.


Some people have work “families” so they get their love and belonging needs from work. I am not one of them, however. I tend to be kind of a loner. Self-esteem needs can be met at work. However, if you get laid off, there goes your self-esteem and belonging needs. I think a lot of these needs have to be met internally or through spirituality. That way, no one can take them away from you.


I put the cart before the horse on a fairly frequent basis. It’s going to blow up in my face someday, but for now I’ll continue to be creative and do my thing.


I want to study it more. I love Maslow’s hierarchy and also Spiral Dynamics by Clare Graves.


Clare Graves book “Levels of Human Existence” costs at least $50 on That’s for the used books. The list price is about $130 for the paperback.


i’d put spiritual needs down at the bottom with basic needs, its pretty cool bc it can actually transcend the whole pyramid and then further, imo there is no limit when it comes to spirituality :slight_smile:


Pretty expensive. I think there are some Ken Wilber’s books that talk about Spiral Dynamics (Integral Psychology for example). It’s a knowledge hard to access.

But there is also a video series about Spiral Dynamics created by Leo Gura. It’s on YouTube.


Here is a free article that summarizes Spiral Dynamics:


For me, spiritual needs are indeed at the bottom. When they are not met, i dont care about survival or social stuff or selfactualisation and I dont feel safe.

I saw a docu once…this chimpansee lost his mum, didnt care about food anymore and died within weeks of depression.

So i dont know about this pyramid…I think it is upsidedown in some ways.


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