Anyone else see glowing orbs whIle in psychosis?

Soo the first time I heard a voice… it happened to be someone that I knew and took to court… he ended up killing himself a few years after… and a few years before I went into psychosis… well as I heard his voice there were orbs floating around my hotel room… needless to say I was scared out of my mind… buuttt the question at hand… have any of you seen orbs?

I have NOT seen orbs. Sorry. But…I have had the ■■■■ scared out of me from psychosis. These bastards talk to my subconscious and tell me extremely scary things. Terrifying things. I am very grateful that I have had a few months of them taking it ‘sort-of’ easy on me. I’m still paranoid every single day but at least I am functional. I am sorry about the orbs. That sucks. No visual hallucinations here.

Yep! Colorful orbs of light. Use to watch them drift around my room.

I have this thing where I see black orbs when I wake up. Scares the crap out of me

@47average, I’m sorry to hear that :disappointed: i.hope things continue to go your way

Colorful… interesting… sounds positive and kinda fun. The black would make me pee myself. Lol. But luckily orbs are the only visual hallucination I’ve had.

Yeah I see them and scream. I forget what that is called though. It starts with a H

Hmm I’m not sure… I’m almost positive I have a demon following me around though. And If it some how manages to manifest. Idk what the heck I’m gonna do… probably die from fear

I thought I was a demon for a long time. Hecate to be exact.

I’m glad I don’t know what that means I try to educate myself as little as I can on demons because I feel like the more I know the more my brain can make up

She isn’t technically a demon I don’t think. I should have said goddess instead. I got my facts twisted

Now that sounds pretty dope. I thought I was a demi God when I was in psychosis. I thought simbas spirit lived inside of me. (Yes like disney’s simba). And I was in love with a girl and she was a demi God too. While we were in the mental health facility. She wrote me a note and I still wish I could remember her name…

Yeah I felt pretty powerful back then

Yeah I was never scared of them, just thought they were pretty. Usually the lights don’t take orb form anymore they just kind of float around the room like steam or something

Very interesting… I wonder what that means… I mean theres gotta be some kind of reasoning your brain would create that

Do you mean hypnopompic?

The two forms of sleep related hallucinations are called hypnogogic (occur just before sleep) and hypnopompic (occur upon waking).

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Yes! Thanks @Moonbeam!

This one orb i saw.

It appeared above the mountain.

And went straight down to the top.

And poof it was gone.

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I have hipnogogic, my psychiatrist told me even completely healthy individuals have these… is that true?

Yes, anyone can have sleep-related hallucinations.