Anyone else on haldol injections

i started Haldol injections maybe two months ago. it is working pretty well. sometimes it can get kind of quiet but I only hear two main voices still and the crowds. the two main voices is aaron and Rebecca. the crowd are the ones who whisper to me. but I don’t hear them all the time at least not 24/7

I haven’t had any side effects from the injections but I have from the lithium increase which has caused me to sweat profusely when outside or doing any kind of work. I also have had to go to the bathroom more but this post is about Haldol

I had a lot of side effects from the pills but the TD I got after starting the increased doses of Haldol has stuck around even after starting the injections,

I was on the injection while in the hospital a year or two ago, but now I’m back to the pills. I didn’t really notice a difference in effectiveness or side effects between the two.