Anyone else experiencing insomnia when taking Haldol?

In the short time that I’ve been on it, my sleep has gone from ten to twelve hours down now to two a night! I researched an it is led ticked it as a side effect. Anyone work this? I would really hate to have to change after the success with getting rid of my voices!

I’ve always had insomnia, but it didn’t seem to change much when I started the haldol. The only thing that made sleeping harder was that the haldol really made my RLS a lot worse until I got used to it. Took a couple months I think. But other than that my sleeping has been pretty standard for what I’m used to. Sorry. Hope it resolves itself soon.

Hi, I am on just 3 mgs of haldol for voices and paranoia but don’t find it affects my sleep. Hope you can stick with it somehow if its working otherwise.

When I was on 40 mg of Haldol a day I never really slept. I just laid there with a terrible feeling all night. The next day I wasn’t sleepy because I felt too bad to be sleepy. I never want to be on that much of Haldol again.