Anyone else on Ambien? For sleep

It works great for me 70% of time. Kind of finicky to successfully sleep on.
I like it cause waking up on it is easy- no grogginess.

Docs seem to want to always talk me out of it. But I insist on it.

I notice a lot are using other antipsychotics for sleep issues.

Anyone else on it or like it / dislike it.

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Never worked for me tried Zopiclone as well

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It makes me dream while awake.

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I used it for just a couple weeks when I started invega. I was waking up pretty early on those meds.

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I just sleep better in the day. But when I’m up at night I don’t want to do anything and I feel really bad. I don’t even want to watch TV. I just listen to music and something in me says you have capabilities and should do something. A couple of nights ago I cleaned my bathroom. I feel, a useless, restless feeling. I’m suffering. In the day awake I’m all right.


I took it once. Can’t remember if it’s the one that causes memory problems. Caused something, so I stopped taking it.

It makes you sleep, some might wake up midnight make a sandwich leave a mess in the kitchen and wake up not remembering anything during the night

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I’m on it and don’t like it.

I always get super weird and buy stuff that I don’t need or want in the night,


When I finally do fall asleep,

I wake up at like 1am unable to go back to sleep.

It’s a bad drug.


I drive once while sleep walking and don’t remember it bc of Ambien

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@Charles_Foster @Turtle43
I have heard of this - but I just sleep through when the Ambien works - would that be considered a side affect cause sounds common.

Every single time I’ve tried Ambien for sleep, it has made me visually hallucinate. But, once, while in a hotel in Rome, I almost walked outside in downtown Rome, in my underwear, while on it. Luckily, my best friend at the time, stopped me. @Kxev

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