Ambien, what is your experience with it?

My pdoc just prescribed me Ambien for insomnia,

Its been a while since I’ve taken it.

Does anyone have any experiences with it they could share?

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Some people can react negatively to it and do weird things I’ve heard. I’d say that would only be a tiny percentage of those who take it. Sleepers aren’t bad in my book as sleep is so needed. Hope it goes well for you. If you do strange things like sleep walk I’d stop it!

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Thanks, @rogueone.

Solid advice.

It helped me sleep as long as I went right to bed and stayed there.

If I was up doing anything when it took effect, I would black out and do things I didn’t remember the next morning.

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It did absolutely nothing for me, I just lied in bed wide awake and I didn’t even get the high my doctor warned me about. It was like taking nothing.

Then again, I just spent the past hour trying to sleep after taking a lunesta, so maybe I’m an anomaly.

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Some people are just immune to sleep aids,

My husband is one of them.

He has to do these meditation tapes every night.

It includes a relaxation technique and a boring sleepy story read by some celebrity.

Its the only way he can sleep.


Never take it every day! When I was in louisiana, they prescribed enough for every day and when I got back to oregon I went into bad withdrawl. The ER gave me clonazepam, and I became dependent on that!
Oh, and never mix it with alcohol


I recently received a coupon code from a beauty box for an app called Pzizz. It’s a guided meditation and it’s pretty good. It has 3 categories: Sleep, Nap, Focus. I tried all 3 and loving it. They have 7 days trial if anybody wants to try the app.

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I don’t have experience with Ambient but I tried several sleeping meds and the side effects were awful. I only take 3 mg dissolvable Melatonin, practice breathing exercises and exercise before sleep.

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