Anyone else get extremely vivid nightmares?


Sometimes my nightmares are just back to back and I can’t get good sleep. And I also feel the pain of whatever I’m dreaming about while sleeping and sometimes after I wake up.
Like I just dream I got stabbed in the chest and woke up feeling a pain there for a few seconds.


Yes i get these dreams all the time, they suck. One time I’m had a vivid dream that my brother sold my soul to the devil and when i woke up i thought it was real


I get dreams like that all the time - not nightmares as such - but they mess with your head when you wake up.

I constantly dream about being with woman ive met or know.
There honestly is nothing sexual in it - When im dreaming im
lying on the bed with her or shes shopping whilst im towing around the kids. Supposed you could say i have dreams about being married lol.

Its the grim realisation its in your head that its not real when you wake up that messes with me for a short while.


I had one last night, was not so good :frowning:


Another dream I had I was shot with a poison dart and I could very literally feel blood pouring from my mouth but it was black.


I also have vivid disturbing dreams. I think it could be the AP meds causing it. I sometimes wonder if it is something spiritual in nature.


I’m never sure of that either! It very well could be the APs, I had mine increased 3 weeks ago


I have dreams I’m hearing voices


Dreams have always been an issue for me, vivid and long, I break out in a vinegar smelling sweat and toss and turn some nights. Then normally the next day I’ve got symptoms due to the stress they cause. I’ve never really found anything that helps get rid of them


That’s awful. My husband has terrible night terrors. Could you try a calming bedtime routine followed by playing white noise music that is comforting and calming to you while you sleep? Like a fountain or the ocean or something?


I get weird weird dreams where I feel I’m awake at the same time as well as them being horrible . I try to wake up from them cos they’re so off putting


I have horrific nightmares once in a while. Sometimes for a couple nights in a row. I’m a horror fanatic, but even these dreams disturb me. I’ll wake up covered in sweat and sometimes I feel like I’m still in the dream for about 30 minutes.

I also get sleep paralysis quite often and that’s usually the accompanied by a feeling of dread.


Yes, I too get extremely vivid dreams and nightmares multiple times every night. There is never a night I don’t get them unless I get insomnia. It can wreak havoc on me the following day because of severe they get.


Some meds give me lucid dreams.
My last batch of risperidone gave me vivid dreams.


I only got them on Seroquel.


I used to have disturbing dreams that made me miss sleep and feel bad the next day. I now take prazosin and I almost never remember my dreams or wake up because of one. It really works. You might consider talking to you pdoc about it.


I did on seroquel, very vivid nightmares with pain


I have frequent nightmares were I wake up crying, screaming, kicking my legs as if I’m running away from something… It freaks my poor husband out. I have LOTS of bad dreams. I equate it to paranoia, intrusive thoughts, and delusions making their way into my dreams.


Hmm I am on seroquel… but I have always had bad nightmares so maybe it’s making it worse.


i lucid dream almost every night, every once in a while i get pretty intense nightmares, i also have sleep paralysis pretty often but its not usually scary just really weird sometimes