Anyone else get extremely vivid nightmares?


My head hurt so much I just wanted to get shot in the head one night, and I dreamed of just that happening. I wasn’t scared. That is really grim though.

Most of my nightmares are like momentary sensations of fear that shock me out of bed, kind of like an apocalypse is happening or something. Freaks me out bad, but then I say to myself “it’s just thoughts” and go back to bed.


I have extremely bad and vivid nightmares too sometimes. Occasionally they are back to back.


Yes, I get bad nightmares frequently. I’m unsure what exactly causes them though.

I stay up late a lot out of fear of sleeping.

Maybe try something to calm you down before sleeping. Like reading a book, or spend time with some pets (if you have a cat or dog).


I actually thought they were scary fun afterwards. I like to analyze them, and I tried asking another diagnosed individual about their dreams and based on their reaction I learned I should never ask that question again. Too personal, they must have terrified her.


I’ve been having disturbing dreams, but not nightmares. Sometimes I don’t want to go asleep.


Hi! Good to see you back and hope you’re doing good @sigarino, piano cover was immaculate and made my day, thank you.