Anyone else afraid of genitals?

I fear them. And when I imagine them, I smell a bad odor. What the hell?

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I used to be, I would gag at the sight of a penis.
I associated them with pain and boundaries being grossly overstepped.


I consider myself straight, but I’m not very attracted to vaginas.

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I love vaginas. They are so beautiful !!


Only when they are overly hairy! Get a trim people! :see_no_evil::rofl:


I’m kinda afraid of genitals. When I was dating my ex, he always wanted to touch me without asking for my permission. When I came into the house, the first thing he did was to touch my genitals. I didn’t refuse because I loved him.

Now I’m afraid of sexual things in general.

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I 'd say I’ve always been more anxious about having sex , than necessarily being afraid of the sight of genitals .

Maybe I’m a freak in that respect. Maybe performing the sex act is something that comes instinctively and naturally to most other men .


I’ve had issues with their smell. I’m sensitive when it comes to scents. Specifically body ordors and certain perfumes, they make me want to throw up. I don’t even need to be standing close to some people, I try to move away casually so I don’t offend anyone. Excuse myself to the washroom. That can backfire when the washroom hasn’t been clean in a while.

I think sex was a hang up for so long because I got none and I was paranoid as hell.

I find vagina’s very interesting the real ones I’ve seen. All different just like a penis and I think that is great. If they were all the same we’d be so bored of them so quickly. We are curious animals.

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