Anyone else a little thankful for not being able to get drunk/high?

Back in the day I would tend to enjoy a few too many drinks as well as some other substances. Now, any level of intoxication makes me completely bat crap crazy. To anyone that doesn’t know why I’m not drinking, I come across as a decent person who doesn’t need substances to have fun :smiling_imp:


Nyse to Meetchoo Whatever Your Nayme is … ,

A While Back e(Y)e Would Trie to Get Drunk and e(Y)e Jus Couldn’t , For Some Reason (perhaps scientifically) but Some Reason e(Y)e Jus Couldn’t Catch a Buzz … ,

Altho When it Comes to Mary Jane Juana e(Y)e Am Patiently Awaiting For it to Become Legalized … ,

Can’t Wait … ,

e(Y)e Will Be Getting Some of Tha Best Sleep Weeks of My Life , Cause Imma Gonna Be Brizoke On Daz One (!!!)

(EDIT) ,

(by) (tha) (way) ,

e(Y)e Once Knew a Guy With Your Nayme and e(Y)e Hated Him … ,

So There and Shuzz N Such … ,

N E Hoo ,

Soz For Tha Confusion …

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Do you smoke weed now??? @sleepoptimistic

Isn’t How and What e(Y)e Am Saying Make Thine Own Answer From Thine Own Thotless Thot Wanders Obvious (???)

e(y)e jus wonzdered thaz all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice to meet you. I would think that my name would be obvious. :thinking:

Dude ,

Thus Rite Here , (Y) , That Y ,

If You Are Really THAT Insanely Curious , Is Me Wishing e(Y)e Was With a Girl That Either Thinks of Me as a Joke Now ( OR ) Is Dead , ( OR ) Both … ,

It’s Me Holding Tight to What We Once Had … ,

For You to Even Be Able to Look At That Letter Should Be a Sin … ,

and Keith WHAT . THA . FUZZ . ARE . YOU . SAYING (???)

I don’t mean too rub you up the wrong way sleep. Just making conversation. If weed helps you it’s fine by me. And as for the Girl thing yeah it sucks, I have Girl problems too.


I’ve observed that many guys with schiz have girl problems. However, not nearly as many girls with schiz have guy problems. I was thinking about starting a new topic to that effect. Perhaps a poll. Hm…

Yeah, maybe there is something to that. With me it’s side effects of the meds.

Are you in a bad mood @sleepoptimistic ??? Hows your pup ???

Please Wandering Onlookers ,

Thus Is Tha “strength” of Indifference … ,

Sadly and Ironically ,

It’s Tha Crayzee’s Using it On Tha Crayzee’s … ,

So What Have You Learned (???) ,

Cause As You Can See ,

He Strikes My Pure Scarred Heart Twice … ,

Indifference Can Parasitically Take Away Your Freedom ,

If You Catch my Drift …

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I was never into drugs but i like alcohol and i have more fun when i have a few drinks. I stopped now and will limit to only once a week or even less. I guess it’s for the better anyway.

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Yeah I have a two drink minimum. I’m always the designated driver so it works out well for everyone.

Edit: I mean maximum, oops

Id love to drink and get drunk it’s never happened though

Boooooo come on ish!!! You can get drunk at home and pass out. It’s better with friends. Watchout the meds though

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Haha no drinks allowed in the house. I have to respect at least that.

What! I actually drink a lot with my dad. We’re party people👻

I guess your parents want whats best for you. You should try having a few drinks with friends when given the opportunity

I don’t think it’s that it’s just not culturally acceptable but they accept I have my own life so don’t stop me living it. I had a drink two weeks ago. Didn’t do anything for me. Lol