Anyone drunk? I'm sorry for a difficult subject... please delete?

I’m sure your bro thinks he’s very interesting

lovely lines mate, what you quoting from?

Just a pop song from late 80’s.

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2 large strong beers or two bottles of sol?

When I was in my twenties I used to drink and drive. Thank God I didn’t kill or hurt anyone else on the road. When I got addicted to crack I used to knock on my dads neighbors doors to borrow money for crack.
My point is that we are not just hurting ourselves when we drink and do drugs, we are hurting those around us too.
I got clean and sober in 1990 and I haven’t touched drugs or alcohol since. And I don’t miss them.
There. That’s my sermon for the day. We’re all adults here, we make the choices and we live with them. I probably can’t change your life but I can offer my experiences with paranoid schizophrenia and drinking and drugging.

To paraphrase Joan Baez, " Take what you can from me, and leave the rest".

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Hah, maybe. It’s just weird over there sometimes.

They were getting high. I’m sure they were having a good time.

From the outside though, yeah whatever. I decided to leave. (On the way home I got 2 more beers :smile: )

New belgium Trippels 7.2% 12oz

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80’s music is great x

1.49 each. Cheap, potent, flavorful.

But yeah this thread will probably get locked lol.

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ahhhhh makes sense…

I just wanted to help you along @clouddog.

I’m just bored.

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amen nick

I’ve not gone that far with the substances…

i know that my husband is not going to enjoy my expenses on his card… i know that he will get angry that i did use his card… even if i’m about to get paid for writing for the first time, have a birthday coming up and have that much saved for a later date.

I will take what i can nick… joan Baez is the best

You are the greatest!

Don’t ever change.

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I like to be as sober as possible, feels best.

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nic, i saw joan baez with my mum a couple of years ago… bunch of old coolest of the cool hippies in the audience… all the ones with brains and educated and political all the nut cases that can cope seems like - she was amazing

I agree with that on most days.

mister collie, i agree really - i am never proud to be out of it

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Uh, folks?

Locking for this reason.

(Wearing moderator hat)