Anyone drunk? I'm sorry for a difficult subject... please delete?


I’m making sloe gin for christmas, just wiped out any idea of saving some and made up the 3 bottles not to be touched… found the blackthorn tree berries yesterday.

just used my husband’s card to buy jeans i wanted for the last 3 years… i have a payment coming, and a benefits coming, and i have the money in the house to transfer straight to his bank, AND i can send them back if they done fit

I have been using his card as a fail proof… i don’t keep a card, but i know where he keeps his… scary dangerous ground.

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I know you are suffering lately, and if it helps, do it.

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not sufferin so much, just been stressed
i did do it i ordered the jeans.
they are well expensive, they’re women’s cycling jeans.
drunk enough to party all night…

i’m gonna crash in a bit…

how ya doin?

I wish I was drunk

Too many mental problems got me researching appetitive aggression and child soldiers and feeling like I’m gonna die and ■■■■

I wish they did Chinese delivery. Like I shouldn’t operate machinery right now.

I wish I was normal like when I was a teen and could drink a 40oz after training like hell. Instead I do academia crap and workout briefly and it makes me more tired and sore than it used to.

And ■■■■ not having school lunches it was all you can eat at the fancy high school I went to

Good, I like jeans too, but I’m not sexy enough to wear them.

Yep, I’m on 2nd beer!

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i need some weed…

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hah ha ha ha ah ha i’m ahead of you i’ve had about 5 double gins’

jeez you don’ need that stuff it makes people schizo

i actually ran out, the rest is saved for christmas, i made sloe gin with berries and sugar and gin, it is gonna slowly turn dark purple in the next few months, and sweet

ooooo yeah, it’s good to eat bread after awhile, the buzz will go through the roof.

And listen to Led Zepplin.

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do you have a link to jeans? I would love to see it. I bought a boyfriend one sometime ago, I was wearing it today. I could use a drink!!

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why not eat bread?

LOLs i don’t even do thaaat often…

jeez if you want to know what i call a lot of money?

you don’t have to send me a link. can you upload a picture?

1 Like’s-jeans/product/WJN01

It’s all good, he won’t miss the money, will he?

You are definitely thinking Christmas, haha, that’s so cool. I love to buy myself stuff too, but mainly books, and music.

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i’m going out for drinks at the weekend as well, but i did do a lot of swearing off booze in my life… it’s all good, i don’t think in my entire life ever i had this much to myself on my own

5 gins is quite a bit.

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i got the blue ones in size 34

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freakin’ gorgeous~! you didn’t tell your husband?