Anyone diagnosed as rapid cycling or ultra rapid cycling bipolar?


Anyone diagnosed as rapid cyclic or ultra rapid cycle bipolar? Is the mood changes occur rapidly within a day or is it continuous for some days, weeks or months like mentioned in health sites?

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I was diagnosed with mixed affective disorder before my SZA diagnosis.

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I am sza with rapid cycling bipolar. Though it seems to have moved to mainly depression lately


I’m a rapid cycler.
Up and down within hours

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I like this question. Would anyone like to explain what the cycle is like? What would a loved one look for as signs that someone is having issues with this?

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thanks for all the replies. how is the affect, i mean facial expression, is it mostly flat like this girl in the video.

when she walks see her hands, its not swinging and when talking hands remain in fixed state like a statue. anyone experience this?

I’m a rapid cycler but my doctor keeps ignoring my bipolar tendencies…

do you get positive symptoms?

I have rapid cycling sza. When I have hypomania it usually only lasts a few hours, and depression can happen at same time sometimes or separate. Sometimes my depression lasts a few days and sometimes a month or two.

I’ve experienced laughing and crying urges at same time.

I remember one day I was walking to library with music in my ears and feeling this soaring elation. Then the same night I cut myself.

Once also I had this electric hypomania for three days and the morning I suddenly crashed when I had to look for something to wear to walk to shops. I never made it there. I cut myself instead.

When I relapsed in 2012 and I went to hospital in 2013, I remember before I was put on amisulpride I had severe mood swings every day, I was high then low in same day.

You get the picture.

When my present pdoc first diagnosed me in 2013, he said I either have rapid cycling bipolar or sza. Then last year when I returned to him he changed it to sza because of my voices, inserted thoughts, delusions and paranoia, which sometimes happened apart from my moods.

What about affect? is it blunted or flat mostly? Can you act to make any emotions, expressions at any time? I mean depressed, anxious, happy, anger facial expression etc so easily?

When I’m on meds, the single, only bipolar symptom I still have is insomnia.

how many of you have ocd?

I don’t have OCD.

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