I think I have cyclothymia

Hi Guys

So I’ve been experiencing pretty wild mood swings. Sometimes I feel a rush of positivity and I will make all sort of ambitious plans and ideas, but then I fall into a depressive mood and I beat myself up about the past. Also, all the plans and ideas I make never come to fruition

Sometimes the depressive episode lasts a few days, and the highs can last a few hours to a few days

I don’t think I have full Bipolar, but cyclothymia, which is a less intense form of mood swings

I’ve spoken to my mental health team about this, and I’m waiting for a Dr to call me to discuss

Anyone else experience this? Also if you are taking mood stabilizer such as Lithium has it helped you?

Why can’t it be bipolar 2? It could be either. But I’m no pdoc so I’m glad you’re talking to them about it

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It’s to do with the intensity of the mood swings

Bipolar is very noticeable, whereas most people with Cyclothymia don’t seek help because it doesn’t affect them as much but for me I’m noticing it more frequently, and those with cyclothymia are at risk of developing Bipolar 2

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I don’t really understand cyclothymia because it’s not an official form of bipolar in the DSM so under studied

My mood swings are not noticed by others. But yet I’m being considered to be bipolar now even though I can hide my moods from others.


I thought you were sza @CoCo?

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Sometimes pdocs do whatever they want.
I told them so many times I was Bp, but they keep insisting is Sz.

Cyclothymia is rarely used
I don’t think it’s even an official diagnosis

If you present with milder forms of mood cycles then doctors are more likely to diagnose you with bipolar 2

Yes. They’re trying to decide if I’m bipolar and sz or what. They’re doing lots of assessments to try to figure it out

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I was told by my sons pdoc that sza is sz and bipolar together.

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I was previously diagnosed as sza - depressive type. In other works, sz and depression. Now, they are thinking it might be sza - bipolar type. They’re not sure yet. I don’t have mood swings, but I do have anxiety and I go through periods where I can’t sleep. I don’t spend lots of money, talk fast, have racing thoughts or become hyper sexual though. @SkinnyMe

I also have bouts of anxiety, sleep deprived, and also alopecia areata.
The not being able to sleep thing may be sz. Just a thought.

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lamictal is pretty mild and doesnt have the side effects of lithium

Bipolar doesn’t mean you do all that. I’m sza bipolar type and my “highs” are hypomania.

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Yeah. That’s what they’re trying to determine if I have- hypomania, because I don’t do the typical mania type things

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These ups and downs are killing me but I withstand this life - it is however very hard at times

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