Anyone around for cgat

Fancy a chat. Anyone around?

What’s happenin with u today?

HEy, how’re you doing?

I’m up late. Trying to get novella published. What u doing?

I’m not brilliant. Not terrible. How are you?

I can’t sleep so I am playing Sim City 4 to kill some time. I am feeling a bit better than a few days ago, but still a way to go.

Are you having symptoms at the moment ???

I don’t have any positives. Maybe few negatives like lack of focus and drive. You?

I am off work at the moment because of the stress and anxiety. It has been horrible.

I see the doctor today to try and get a second anxiety med and hopefully better sleeping tablets.

Sorry to hear that. Get better soon.

Thanks. I hope you start to feel better also.

What country are you in? I am in England. It’s 5am here at the moment

I’m in Wales. Same time.

What you up to?

I don’t like being up this early very much. I am trying to distract myself with a game but that’s about it

I’m still up since last night. I’m just browsing net. So how many times have you been in hospital?

Are you going to sleep later?

I have no idea how many times. I’d probably guess at 10 but I have not been for 18 months which is good as I hate hospital.

What about you?

Yeah U’ll go to sleep for a few hours at nine. I’ve been in 5 times.

I was in hospital last summer. What age are you and when did you get I’ll?

I am 32. First had psychosis when I was 17.

What about you?

I’m 35. First psychosis aged 26. I’m female. Are you male or female?

Male 151515151515

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