Anyone online for chat?

Anyone online for chat? Feel bored. It’s early morning here and no one’s up.

Hello Star!I’m awake,I write a little slow because my english is not good

What time is it where you are?

7:41 a.m 15151515

6.42 here. Fgdfgd what u doing for day?

I woke up 155151

I woke up at 4 dfgdfhf

I don’t work due to stress

Yeah I don’t work either all though I’d love to. E rich.

I’m awake without nothing to do also. its almost 1 am here. still awake.

Where are you based?

I was working in a hospital

Doing what? Dfgrfg

With a mental illness people

Do you have mental illness yourself?

Yes,I have sz 151515

Me to. I have injection once a month.

Me too,abilify maintena 400 mg

I have depixol injection.

I was living in your country for six months,in Bristol.