Anyone up and fancy a chat?

Is anyone up and fancy a chat tonight?

What’s up?
I’m enjoying coffee after a fast.
I’m excited to watch drama today :smiley:

do you mean fasting as in not eating? how long did you last for?

Yeah, from sunrise to sunset, though we only have a few days left now :smiley:

are you doing ramadam? are you on anti psychotics? does that not make it difficult?

Yes, I am.
Honestly, not really.
I sleep half the day :sleeping: haha

do you eat loads in the night? how many times have you been in hospital?

Not really, I’m honestly mostly thirsty due to lithium; I eat like twice or three times a night.
You mean a psych inpatient? Twice.

i’ve been in hospital four times. How long were you there for?

About a month for both of them.
What about you?

a month a month and two weeks and two weeks. What happened were you hallusinating?

I don’t like to discuss the exact reasons, but I was basically psychotic despite being on two antipsychotics and that’s when I was switched to Clozaril and I’ve been better now on Latuda and Clozaril combo.

Hi @Lowri I’m just sucking down a MelloYello and nursing my knee. I vaped earlier and had dinner at my neighbors. Now gonna watch a movie if I can make it in one sitting. :slight_smile:

The poetic skunk do you have problems focusing on films?

Where do you live schizomaticly?

I live in Florida :smiley:
I would love to live in China, though :two_hearts:

Do you have negative symptoms of psychosis?

I used to have them really bad, but I’m doing a lot better now that I’m on the right medications; I truly believe the right meds helped me all around.
What about you? What do you take?
I’m on Clozaril, Latuda, Lexapro, Lithium.

I take clopixol but I’m being wheened off them slowly. I used to be on 200mg a month. Now I’m on 150 for three months then it’s coming down 50 mg every three months. I used to have negative symptoms. No motviation. Couldn’t motivate myself to have ashower. What type of negative symotpms did you have?

Oh, I’ve never heard of that medicine before :sunny:
I used not want to shower or take care of myself, couldn’t focus and do things, was failing school and didn’t want to communicate.
I seemed to get better with time and medication I guess.