Anyone a Steven King fan?

He seems to be blowing up yet again with the IT remake. I never read the book or saw the original movie but I’d like to.

I’m not a big King fan myself…most of his books I read were VERY slow paced, painfully so. When he keeps up with pacing though and doesn’t get bogged down in x character’s midlife crisis he’s pretty darn good. I couldn’t put the shining down. His short stories were also excellent.


I don’t read but watch the movies of his work

I haven’t seen many of the movies. I saw some of the shining and stopped because I didn’t like it, was too different from the book and not in good ways.

I used to read his books when I was younger.

I’ve read It before. Great book but it did drag at times. I find I like his old stuff from the 70s and 80’s the most. I loved Salem’s Lot - that’s probably my favorite by King.

My favorite movies and books were dreamcatcher, daloris Claiborne and the stand. My favorite movie of those is the stand

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His books are boring but the movies r good

I love Stephen King, he is one of my favorite writers. And as a writer myself he is the model I chose to follow, the sort of writer I’d like to be. Succesful, yet human. Entertaining, yet personal.

I’ve read most of his books, and seen the movies.
The books are always better in my opinion.
It and The Stand were classics. Pet cemetery was good too. Most of his newer stuff is not that good with the exception of one I read a few years ago called the walk or the race or the march or something like that. Dr sleep I haven’t been able to finish because it’s too bizarre

In my teens and early twenties I never missed a King novel…first book I ever read by King was The Shining…probably one of the scariest books ever written I think. I have read IT and have seen the first movie made about it. The Shining was made into a tv special and it is pretty good too but not near the terror as in Kubrick’s Shining. King spoke at my university and I missed the lecture. I was bummed…my step brother then called me and said that King was going to speak in front of watching “Creep Show” by King. He got up and spoke and all I remember out of the little he said was," I lectured today and I am tired…see my movie as many times as you can because my kids need shoes…"

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