Anyone a prepper?

I had just starting getting into preppeing a little when covid first started. I dont go overboard i don’t think but i just haves started with the basics like extra food and water and some supplies. I am not a hoarder or anything but i think being prepared for things like this pandemic or natural disaster or world events or anything really that could disrupt normal everyday life is not that crazy. I try not to go overboard with it and i don’t think i will turn it into a whole lifestyle or anything like some people do but i think being a little extra prepared for the unexpected is a good thing.


I bought 2 months of storable food early on when the CCP started recording crazy increases of coronavirus cases. I thought this was going to go exponential, but it was only due to a huge influx of testing. It stabilized after that and my family just ended up buying groceries with everyone else. The box of food is just sitting there but it’s good for 25 years so who knows.

Like this guy? Sure.


I came prepared I have Sub zero sleeping bags, a cot, tent, tarp, change of clothes, stove top, heater, 50+ cans of food, matches lighters, butane, knives, pots n pans, hatchet, ------- anything else you can think of in case the rug is pulled out from under me…

Ha I was thinking the same thing! :smile:

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I have a bomb shelter in New Mexico. You are all invited should sh*t go down. just kidding. i have 5 gallons of water prepped.

I stock but do not hoard black beans and brown rice. Also learned to use a flint fire starter. I know how to read a cartographic map and orienteer.

Don’t have a BoB. But it may not be a bad idea to set one up.

Prepping gets a little bad press here and there but hopefully things won’t get too significant to require survival skills. But you never know.

Not always I’m more of a take out kinda guy.
Bout to prep some grilled cheese sandwiches for the oven :yum:

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