Plans for the future

Is anyone, with a group of friends of fam planning to move or what to do in case of a collapse in the economy or safety of where you are? I have noticed a lot of people talking about this stuff lately.

I think it is good to have backup plans and resources for any sort of emergency. I dont see anything wrong with a plan, or emergency supplies as long as its realistic and does not go too far into an obsession.

Do you think its realistic? It could be anything to prepare for, a natural disaster earthquake or hurricane…or a financial collapse…Im not sure which one is the most likely to happen…

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I don’t think it’s gonna happen in our lifetime. Covid is pretty much the closest thing to that and we’re already isolated like crazy because of it. Remember when you could talk to people without a mask, and you got bulk foods with unwashed scoopers from large barrels with no covers?

Ah, the world of the great before times. Those were great days. I think masking up is gonna become a trend that outlives covid, much like it has been in Asia in the before times. I don’t have anything against masks, they do their job, but it’s a different world now is my point.


Eventually people will get along again. I think. I agree about masking being normalized too. People will trust vaccines again like we have for centuries.

We still do in Canada. It has been recognized that this is extremely low risk.


Maybe save up coins lol

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