Anybody up for a chat

With a awesome dude?

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hello crocodal how are u doing?")

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Hello, I am good, watching TV

Hey! Are you aware you share a name with a horrible Russian street drug? I think it might be spelt with a k. Whatever you do don’t look up pictures os the users. It is brutal.

what are u watching>?
i just ate mc donalds and no enjoying a coffee.

What do you think about ROmania as a name?

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Comedy central Romania, it better then nothing… Do you watch TV?

What’s up?? :slight_smile:

Oh I like the name crocodal! You should keep it. But Romania is a good name too - it is a beautiful country.

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i hardly watch tv, but i watch american series and movies.

hello sadasiva:)

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Hello dude… :slight_smile:

How’s zyprexa going @Om_Sadasiva ?

I know, I am from it lol

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No difference. Running commentary and delusions

That’s so sad, you’re resistant as a horse, no offense

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Have you’ve seen rick and Morty?

Have you been fishing lately?

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Yes. When there are no waves we fish.

What do you catch?