Anybody married?

im 21 and fear that I won’t ever get married or find the one . Any body in a relationship ?

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Marreid 20 years this September…together 30. We can read each other’s minds…

Me: “Hey Hon, where’s that thing?”

Wife: “Top shelf in the bedroom closet”

Me: “Right. Thanks.” :wink:

This is us after we got engaged…


I’m trying to find the right one currently on dating apps

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Me too
I am afraid I will die alone :cry::cry:
No girl ever like me :cry::cry:

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Marriage and sexual relationships are not important for us, we’re not animals who need to have sex and reproduce.

I know many healthy successful and rich ppl who are old and never had relationships, they don’t want to. They’re happy that way.

One of them makes 500 000€/year and works for the government. He hates kids and relationships. He says its stupid and a waste of time lol

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I want to b in a relationship one day but I never want to get officially married I think it’s too much for wat it’s worth, personally for me in my personal shoes

If everyone thought propagating the species was stupid and a waste of time, humanity would cease to exist.


I am happily married. We’ve been together for 7 years, and we’re in our 6th year of marriage. I was previously married for 15 years but it was an unhappy marriage. If you can find someone who loves you for you then it’s totally worth it.


I know but not everyone thinks that way.
Priests also never get married or have relationships.

It takes a precise mix of ppl to make a society.

I was lucky, though.

I had established my work, marriage and friendships before I was diagnosed Sz…at the late age of 39.


Did you meet before you got schizophrenia

Dont ever think that there’s a person out there for everyone

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I’m married. Got sick in high school, met my partner in college. I wasn’t able to stay in college because I was so sick, but at least I met them. Lol


I cannot connect with other people. i am 32 now and have no friends or a partner.

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I would like to get married one day.


You will be able to,just look forward and get on with life

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I was diagnosed at 19,met my first gf at 27,met my current wife a year later and now I just got married.


I want to marry my boyfriend but I’m on disability pension and can’t .

If I marry him centrelink will take his income as mine or shared and I will lose my pension and my boyfriend wants a prenup if we marry and he is not willing to financially support me yet he wants to marry me one day but we can’t because of my disability pension and I can’t afford to lose it and I don’t want to depend on him even if he was willing to support me financially which he isn’t.

I wanted to marry my x boyfriend and the father of my unborn son too but this is the most I have ever wanted to marry anyone because the father of my unborn son was not so nice and never defended me and my other x and I didn’t have sex much and were more platonic and he wouldn’t let me be vegan.
This boyfriend is best sex I had I think and let’s me be vegan and makes me laugh etc

It’s so much beauracracy and Hasselhoff if you want to divorce though.

My boyfriend is a catholic and was married but is divorced.

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I am married to porn.