Lonely πŸ˜” sad

I go crazy with anxiety :tired_face: sometimes because im so lonely friendship and relationship wise and have been my :heartbeat: whole life. I’m 35 and may never get married.


My moms best friend didn’t have a single boyfriend or husband until she was in her fifties. She got married in her early fifties and is now 74 and she’s still happily married. Don’t give up


I’m 31 and I don’t want marriage yet


I often feel lonely myself, and sometimes I am considering joining a mental health club in my neighborhood, just to meet people who know what it means to have a mental illness. . Is that a possibility for you?

And yes, you are still young, don’t give up


I get lonely sometimes too. Are you allowed any pets in your place?

My kitty is a lifesaver. :blush:


I know wht you mean. I struggle a lot with maintaining realtionships because when Im not doing well I isolate and everyone just moves on. Its very frustrating

Were here though, and I care. I dont want someone to end up like I have, libing alone and scared to leave but desperate to find someone who will put up with my β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  lol

Good luck and hope you enjoy the good things that are no doubt coming to you :smiley:

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I know, at that age, you really want to get married. I wish I had met someone I could marry. Shows like Dateline usually make me glad, I never did.

I do talk man love 24/7 basically but never hang out or have sex

And I talk to people who know him. Is that bad?



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