Anybody know anything about Trilafon?

Going to try that instead of seroquel starting tomorrow


(Perphenazine is the most powerful anti-D I believe I know of.)

Oh. Did you suffer a traumatic brain injury at some point in your life?

I had the roof of a car crushed into my head in a rollover accident a year ago, why?

I just wanted to know if anyone tried it because i’m starting on it tomorrow

Trilafon perph is the go-to for sz with a TBI. I hope you’ll keep us up to date on your experience with it. I don’t see many people on perph any more (outside institutional settings).

Do you know why?

They originally prescribed Seroquel, but I didn’t want to continue because I would take it and regardless of how well slept I was at the time, I would sleep the entire duration of the effects and wake up still feeling the same. It was making me very unhappy

'Quel is a nice med for TBIs because it is relatively sedating and slows down the signaling in the impulsivity circuits. Perfect stuff for many who took a hard shot to the head.

I don’t really want to sleep through the rest of my life though. :confused:

I don’t have a full diagnosis at the moment either, so if I can’t function on the medication to the point where I can’t work, it’s almost better to put it off until I have a full diagnosis :confused:

I was on Trilafon for a while. For me, it wasn’t as strong as the other AP med’s. It was mildly sedating.

They said it’s not as swampy as seroquel, here’s hoping.

Trilafon or perphenazine is still used by pdocs, even though its a typical antipsychotic, its one of the more popular typical AP’s.

It did very well in the CATIE study.

My pdoc will go to it if she has to.

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Thanks for that catie trial link @Wave

Dropout rate is ridiculous O.O

Although I did drop seroquel after like two weeks haha

I did see the wikipedia page, I was just wondering if anybody had experience to share. Thank you thoughhh

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