Anybody here celebrating May 1st

It is celebrated here where I am. Our local association for mentally ill arranges a May 1st party. Many people have many different ways how to celebrate it, many people go and buy some alcoholic beverages and have picnics and so on.

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I still would like to have my Soviet flag back. I had gone to Moscow in 1987 before May 1st and brought back a Soviet flag, but then we had a party among students and they gave me something to drink and I passed out, but in the next morning I woke up and my flag was gone, later other students promised to return it but I have not seen it in the past 29 years, where did it go? :wink:

It went West.

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I suppose that is why I went to London later in the summer in 1987, I went West :smile:

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Now afterwards thinking it all sounds so funny, 1987 and 1988 was very interesting for me, within one year I traveled to Moscow, London and Paris while being a student, I recall completing some accounting course work in one hotel in Paris in the early 1988. Those were some fun times.

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Because of the large hispanic community in California, many celebrate May 5th (Cinco de Mayo). Mariachi music, colorful folk dancing, and good food!

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This year, the Christian Orthodox Easter falls on May 1st. People around me will celebrate, and I will probably join them even though I’m not religious.

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There arent many communist countries around anymore. (Though China and Vietnam/Cuba are an exception).

Be it as it may, The Socialist movements are actually strong in different continents in small-scale - even though most of them are unorganized.

So i do believe May day does have its significance…

Andrey, are you Russian and live in USA?

Actually I am Romanian and live in Romania, haha. That’s a country in Eastern Europe. But you’re right, Russians are orthodox too.

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good english sir… I couldn’t tell you weren’t a native speaker.

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Of course I know where Romania is. When i was not sick with schizophrenia i met a Romania girl in Spain while on vacation. Man, was she good looking. Andrey is a Russian name, isn’t it?

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Oh crap, double post.

Don’t know why, May 1st is Labour Day in my country. It is not observed globally, AFAIK.

It’s a big deal in my country, there are rallies and such. Not so much parties. More of a fighting for rights thing. It’s usually cool to go to them but I’m in no mood for rallies.

My real name is Andrei (with eye, not why :wink:) and yes, it’s also a Russian name.

so you are a dude…YES?

what difference would that make man?

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