Happy May Day

May 1s celebrations have started here where I am. It is a beautiful weather and the sun is shining- Happy May Day.


yes, here in China May 1st is a holiday. So this weekend is long. My husband and I went to the musium this afternoon. I had not been to this musium for long. Last visit was 18 years ago. To my surprise, they have made a big improvement to their work: new buildings and much more cultural relics on display. So we had a wonderful time there.


Workers of the world UNITE, You have nothing but your chains to lose.

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I wish I would ever be able to visit China before I die…It is one country I would love to visit and probably even stay in.

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I have been riding my bicycle today wearing my white hat, all people who have completed the technological university studies have this white hat.



This is a nice hat, which looks classy.

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May God Bless You All

thats nice :slight_smile: it looks like a sailors hat or something

Happy May Day! Let the flower wreaths and Maypole dancing commence!

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Yes. Mayday indeed

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