May Day celebrations

I know in many coutries people do not celebrate the May Day, the 1st of May, but here in my little town the local society of mentally ill people arranges a May Day celebration. There they serve food, listen music and other fun stuff. I have gone there in many past May Days. It is also a good way to meet again other people with mental illnesses. Last year there was one younger woman who sang in English. Basically I’ll see many people whom I have not seen during the past year. Do you celebrate the May Day, it is a lot of fun?

I celebrate no days nowadays.

The cursed calendar just keeps repeating and i just keep hurting and dying.

What an awful thing the calendar really is, celebrate that, never!

I have never celebrated May day. Cinco de Mayo is great though. I miss Margaritas.

Mjseu, Sounds neat. No Mayday for me, except glimpsed on the calendar. I like hearing about May day celebrations of the past though when people were more connected to the seasons and had no calendars. The news used to show footage of the Soviet May Day with missiles going by. I’m talking about farther in the past than that.

Years ago when I lived with my father we celebrated this May Day with some beer and some old Soviet songs, the old Soviet melancholy:

Still in the 1980s they had these May Day parades / marches in Finland. Then socialists and communists marched as a part of their May Day celebration. In 1987 I had got a Soviet flag from Moscow from my sister when I had visited Moscow and I had it on the wall of my dorm room when I was in the university. Then the May Day came and other students had made their own self-made alcohol drinks and I had some of it. I was not used to drinking alcohol and I passed out. These other students had taken the flag and went to the May Day march, which I noticed in the next morning when I woke up. They promised to bring back my Soviet flag but it has now been 27 years and I have not got my Soviet flag back. I had this hobby of collecting flags of different nations where I had been. I still have many flags with me. After my former US woman left in Dec 1999 I burned my US flag in one evening in the darkness, because I knew that US intelligence agencies were after me. I suppose it was my own demonstration. In some countries such Finland if you burn a flag such as the EU flag, you get some legal troubles.