I decided not to celebrate May Day

These May Day celebrations start already today, but I decided not to celebrate this day. This means I won’t be taking photos of their May Day parade tomorrow.

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Why …


It will be fun to watch picture…!!!

I do not feel like it, I start sleeping early today and wake up tomorrow, then I have to take care of one cat, feed this cat and so on … other people can celebrate this May Day.


I have always wondered how it was celebrated and what traditions still exist today.

I have read it, May Day, is the remenance of a very old religion (which we are are not suppused talk about here, so, i wont).

But from what I can gather from the little history I know, It was likely around since neolithic man stopped being nomads.

When they started farming is when time and the seasons became of dire importance to them.

What I am lead to believe is the seasons and such must have become thier religion.

All guess work from what I have read. very little of that time period is known.

But I think they were good guesses.

Or maybe I am very wrong and read the internet too much? :rofl: I am not from parts of the world that still celebrate May Day.

You sound resolute about not going. Just making conversation. No pressure from me.:sunglasses:

Here where I am it is celebrated by students, political parties, reds have their May Day parade, how I view it it is primarily political … but I’ll take care of one cat and have no interest to go and see their May Day parades, tonight one may see many drunk people walking around and so on … I believe it has nothing to do with religions etc.

It sounds like our American version of St Patricks Day.

Lots of parades, food, and too much drink. I have read articles from Ireland stating how Americans commonly view the Irish, as big drinkers,… It kinda makes the Irish mad. :astonished:
But that is all we see at the St. Patricks parades.

The cat is yours? maybe just taking care of it for a nieghbor?

I had dogs for a very long time. No pets now though.

Well, Happy May Day @mjseu

This cat doesn’t look so thrilled about May Day either!


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