Any voices in foreign languages?

Does Anyone here hear voices in foreign languages or hear words that you are not familiar with at this time ?

I did. Both. Our brain can do that. Using words that seemed novel and convinced me I have never heard of them before. Actually I think they are buried deep down in my memory.

My voices have always been in English and babble.

My voice taught me Japanese :sweat:

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Now that is interesting!

Oh yeah and I sing to them a song in German! :grin:

I sang an Asian(?) song, in a continuous loop all morning one time.
It seemed pretty complicated, but interesting and special to me. Not sure why, but it made me very happy and then cry when it was done.

Also pick up random words and phrases in my head and repeat them in a loop for hours as well.

Thank goodness for Google, because to try to figure out the language before wasn’t very easy at all.
I rather enjoy the word play.

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Sometimes my voices speak to me in Spanish. Usually, they are admonitions.

“Yes, we know different languages.” They said just now.


I would hear noises that didn’t make any sense to me and the aliens would say it’s their own language. They said they knew thousands of languages.

my voices try that to convince me that i’m telepathic but it doesn’t convince me. there is such a thing as cryptoamnesia, which is basically the mind regurgitating long forgotten information, such as words, phrases, names, places, directions…you name it, it’s in there.

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