Did you learn anything from the content of your voices

I need to watch how much I jump to conclusions,
Or decide that I know what someone is thinking.

It’s really hard for me

I think it’s a defensive mechanism

Jumping to negative conclusions
To build barriers

I think it may be protective in someway

What do you think

And did you learn anything from your voices

I also learnt I need to build a better relationship with my mother

I need to look after my looks more to feel more confident

Some of these are obvious but when voices are involved it kind of hammers it into you out of fear and such like the messenger will come back with the same message if I don’t do something about it


I have never heard voices so I can’t speak on this matter.

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Well no but I do get to practice Spanish bc my voices talk to me in Spanish.


Yea I learnt two words in another language…

I knew these two words a long time ago

Be glad you’re not fluent. Dia y noche me hablan en Español!!! Estoy cansada!!!

Ummm… Yes!!!

I’m sorry to hear that Loke

(wat did u say?)

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Sorry. I figured you’d google it:
Day and night they speak to me in Spanish!!! I’m tired!!!

Idk how to copy and paste on my phone :frowning:

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What languages do you speak?

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Lucky you @Deux, they were a pain. It makes me appreciate a quiet mind

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German aswell.

Very very basic German

What about you? Any other ones apart from Spanish

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I started German on Duolingo but when they got Arabic I started learning it. I’m learning it slowly. It may take me a few years. There’s a lot to Arabic. Wie Gehts?

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Ich bin ziemlich OK. Aber ich habe schon wieder zu fiel gegessen…

I dunno if my spelling is correct I mostly understand it best when it’s spoken to me…

Wie war dein tag heute?

Wow Arabic that’s difficult!! It’s like a whole new arty alphabet. Nice one for having the motivation to do that

I’m ok today. Mir gehts gut. Did you say that you’ve eaten too much? It’s been a while since I’ve studied German.

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Yea… Said I are too much once again

Good luck with the Arabic studies

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Day and night they speak to me in Spanish? Lol

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I know you’re a nice person but what’s funny about it? It’s tiring. It’s exhausting. I try not to talk much about it bc we all have problems but…

Me? I was lol because I remember some Spanish. Sorry if I upset you, hon.

It’s ok. I know you meant well.