Any theories out there?

Does anyone out have theories on how people can enter one’s body or do something to one’s face and body like changing how one looks or acts. I know this is really strange but was thinking the cruel girl doing this to me does it with metal ions and poisons which she applies on a human doll.

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It’s not real. Talk to your doctor.

We are all in the same chase in some way or another.
Madness is like a room full of smoke and mirrors of illusions and delirium.

Hopefully you find peace about it, and maybe find a good place with this internal conflict your having

Oh and what your experiencing is a delusion.

I can’t really be the one to tell you that though, I deal with my own delusions,
And they are as here as the sun moon and the stars

Seek help about this if you reasonably need it, hope your day goes well.

Still don’t know how she does this to me can only speculate. Wish I can protect myself from her.