Any teachers?

I want to become an art teacher and wanted to ask how you cope with psychosis, while teaching.


That’s an awesome goal. I want to teach theology one day. But first I’ve got to knock out my accounting degree.

I am a certified K - 12th grade Substitute Teacher.

I managed to teach Elementary aged students and was good at my profession.

What got me through were medications and lots of breaks.

You can do it @Kuro!

Best of luck.


I used to be an ABA counselor, which is sort of like a teacher. Basically, I worked with severely behaviorally challenged kids on managing behaviors and finding more appropriate replacement behaviors. I also taught them life skills.

I managed for several years just fine with medication and proper therapy. I also made sure to have hobbies outside my job, so I didn’t get burned out.

The only reason I stopped is one of my kids gave me a severe concussion and now my doctor won’t let me work in behavioral health anymore. Art is probably a much safer field, so you probably won’t have to worry about that.

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Thank you. Just waiting on my referee sending me his details then I can send my application for teacher training.


As a former math/science educator, I can tell you that the profession is very demanding, however; it does have intrinsic rewards every now and then. Most times, your day doesn’t end at 3PM or 4PM. You have to take your work home (grading papers, preparing lesson plans, quizzes, and tests, etc.) and sometimes, you’ll work through the weekend. To those of you who are planning to teach, make sure you have a strong support system with your administrators.

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medication, distraction, more medication, concentrate on the art and focus on the students and how they are progressing as aspiring artists, give them ideas, show them different techniques, talk to them, have fun.

do you disclose mental illness?

Yes, you have to disclose any disability you have.

I already know that you usually have to take your work home with you and that work doesn’t stop when school finishes. I’m prepared to do all that.

What ages are you hoping to teach? I liked working with the older teenagers. Little kids just have too much energy for me.

I’m hoping to teach 11-16 year olds

I’m hoping to teach 11-16 year olds.

That’s a good age range. That’s about when kids start to discover if the have a true passion for art.

It really is. It’s a chance for them to express themselves.

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