On what road should I travel

HI everyone. I have a question I could use an answer on. Right now I’m out of school but I’ll be returning to ewu in the fall. I was going to school to become a teacher. But one of my triggers is stress and I’ve been told teaching is a high stress career. Also I’m not sure how people would feel about an Sz teaching their elementary students. I’m thinking about switching majors to something in the arts but I’m not really sure about anything right now. Any input?

Hey there. I’m going to study to be an elementary teacher as well, but hoping to get my masters in special ed. Maybe something like that? It’s not as stressful.

Arts are fine, I did it, kinda backwards, started with arts then gave it up. Graphic design, movie directing and history of art. History of art never finished.

Thanks Minnis you are always helpful.

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Teaching art to kids, art therapist sound like fun. Though I went by an art class at a library once with 30 kids all excited + talking at once while they created. Talk about sensory overload - I got out of there.

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Thanks for the input pob. Art therapist sounds interesting.