Any success storyies .how do you achived things?

Any success stories :smiley:How do you achived something good?


I achieved academic success during healthy periods. Except for when I completed the final requirements for my master’s; I was actually pretty sick during that time, but I had already done so much toward that degree that I felt a strong need to finish it out. As far as work and such, I just have to force myself. I do what I have to do to survive because, although I have failed at a lot of things, complete failure is not an option. Neither is falling down and not picking myself back up. I’m one of those fortunate sza’s for whom medication is reasonably effective, as long as I keep myself sober.


I’m alive.



I work hard and it pays well, then I get ill and all the gains go away


I have sza and I still go to school. :slight_smile:
I guess that’s a living accomplishment!
It’s difficult to concentrate but hey, I’m trying. :sunny:


The only thing that I’ve done so far that could be viewed as a success is that I graduated with a master’s degree in physics so of the time I was partially psychotic and unmedicated. Right now I’m just trying to get a job and then in the future once that is stable a wife.

Also @pansdisease cheer up at least you have weathered the storm of this disease.


Been at the same job 20 years happily married 17 years, 2 great boys ,. No debt. Found the right meds
It’s possible . Maybe new meds coming out soon.


I choose one goal to work on, that I need a job and an income. I decide that it would make a different to my life. I begin with that and took up a part time job. I also use supplements which helps a lot. I joined a vocational rehabilitation program and they put me into simple jobs. I spend a lot of time to find out what I can manage. Over the past years, I find out that I can still do entry level of clerical jobs. It means that I have the potential to handle other simple jobs as well. I often review my performance, like I worked hard to make myself go to work on time. It takes me many months to get rid of the habit of being late. So goal setting and regular review is helpful.

I often reinstate my short term goal and mid term goals. I review my goals and this help to keep me going. So I have been taking up a part time job for 12 months and then a full time job for 9 months. I’m doing job interviews and are getting better at answering questions. I have been earning and putting aside money. I’m taking my parents out to a seafood restaurant tonight and we’ll have a vacation to Europe this Easter. I pay part of that. I’m doing quite good already.

I still have other goals. I’m still working on them.


I have been able to lose over 10 kg in few months with exercising and good diet, now my old suits fit me well, I also feel light


Actually my other goals are managing my plantar fasciitis and lose 8 to 10 kg in one year.

I have been working as a white collar and have wife and financially independent.i think i m very close to normie did i achieved?i think key is the use your ap regularly because it was impossible to do anything without medication.people like us shouldn t fear from medicine because only medicine can increase our life standards.

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I’ve worked most of the last 36 years with paranoid schizophrenia. My jobs have been mostly unskillled light or heavy labor. I take satisfaction in doing the best that I can at jobs whether it’s competing and outworking 19 or 20 year old kids at unloading trucks when I was in my mid thirties or holding my own in my early thirties doing heavy recycling on our three man crew at Hewlett-Packard. I’ve also been a Park Ranger and a cook and had several other jobs.

I got diagnosed in 1980. In 1985 I was living semi-independently and working and I enrolled myself in our local college. I ended up taking four classes and then stopped for a few years. I resumed my education in 1990 and took two classes a semester for the next 5 years while I was living and working an outside job across town while living in a Board & Care home. I stopped school in 1995 again. I was 35 years old.

In 2011 I was living by myself in a nice studio apartment. I started taking online courses, one class each quarter. I now need only three more classes for my AA degree. I just finished a “Communications” course a couple of weeks ago and my next class starts Monday. My step-dad tells me he wants to see me get my degree before he dies and he has faith in me that I can do it. I’ve done some other things too and I’ve done a lot of fun things on the way. I’m 55 now.


I remember getting an A+ in Linear Algebra. the professor personally complimented my performance during class, when he was returning final exams.


oh yeah, I forgot to add how I achieved it. well, I just went to class and did the homework. It was a very intense course that required the ability to use a TI calculator.

the professor was honestly quite hard to understand, and I found myself learning a lot more from the textbook than from the professor’s lectures. But I still attended all the lectures, even though I nearly fell asleep during a few of them.

Also, right before an exam, the professor would give out a test review of questions and I would answer all of the test review questions. Doing that really helped me on the exams.

by the way, was @pansdisease here? I guess I missed his post. would’ve been interesting, seeing that he usually underlines the not-so-positive things in life. : /

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Sobriety was essential for me in recent years. i was in Alcoholics anonymous, but I found out I’m not an alcoholic. Very confused lately. In AA I met people who recovered from schizo affecting disorder, after 12 years. they don’t take medicine and live a happy life… But schizophrenia is not a schizo affecting disorder. They kept pushing me on quitting medicine and now i’m confused. i like sobriety, it is healthy, but if i were off medications, i would say to myself, what i’m doing in alcoholics anonymous. i’m much better, but then addicted to nicotine for example, and it is not healthy, but at the same time i cannot ajust myself to alcohol addiction for example. Recovery from addictions are similar to recovery from schizophrenia, but it is not the same thing

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I’ve been schizoaffective all of my life. Even in childhood, I think. I wasn’t treated for it until I reached 34 years of age in the year 1994 when I was diagnosed. I graduated from nursing school as an un medicated sza. It was very hard. But, I did it. All of the time that I worked as an R.N. I was improperly diagnosed. And I worked as an R.N. or as a student nurse for ten years. My current pdoc says that I accomplished the “impossible”.