Any success stories getting off medication?

Is there anyone who has been off medication for awhile?

I thought that you were doing well on Latuda?

What happened?

Nope. I inevitably go crazy, without fail.

I’d also be curious to know, I started Latuda about 2 weeks ago.

ive been off meds for a week now…but not by choice, haven’t been able to keep it down, and my shrink cant order me more meds until next month, well actually another 15 days, because of some stupid rule with medicare.

I am doing well all things considered, my voices are there, but not like they used to be, and the delusions are coming more often, but again not as bad as before. It really depends on how much external support you have how well you do off meds.

Off em since december.
No symptoms


I think you would be making the wrong decision to quit your meds @cactustomato . You need to have a good 4 to 5 years stable on meds for multiple episodes before even considering reducing to come off. I’ve been thinking to myself how I would like to quit my medication but realized I’m in a better situation being on the meds than being off.


Yup. Successfully ran up my credit cards, pissed off my wife, and alienated friends. OH, and I also cost myself credibility in the community when I became unstable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



It would be nice to be off meds but learned a difficult lesson the past three months, if there were a way for me to live without them, I would. This place taught me about other things that help like sarcosine, l- theanine, fish oil…

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I have too much lack of motivation I don’t even leave my room at this point doctor seems to think it’s the meds sedating me.

I have no motivation and am having a hard time sexually. Last time I went crazy I was drinking .

All antipsychotics block d2 which decreases d1 and d5 activity in a certain part of the brain responsible for motivation.

I’ve been more wound up on Latuda this second week on it, and also my libido came back after being MIA for several months. I’m actually wondering if the serotonin factor with Latuda is making me hypo or something now going into the second week.

Any thoughts on asking to change meds instead of quitting altogether? Zyprexa made me gain over over 30 pounds and my crotch went numb, so I know how that ■■■■ can be.

Latuda is the best med. I thought about abilify but weight gain is a no go for me.

With talking to my doctor a couple months ago as an experiment I decided to quit my meds for a month to see how it would go. I actually responded very well to getting off of them so I haven’t gotten back on them. My mind seems clearer, and for me, now this is not true for anyone else I have ever talked to, but my symptoms seem far less frequent. The only downsides are i’m more aggravated often and when I do have symptoms they tend to be more intrusive and intense. I also feel more confident in my day to day life which I think has to do with my clearer mind. It was really a 50/50 switch for me. I have always been pretty well coped with my sz and high functioning.

It’s always been a disaster when I got off them. I’ve seen a lot of other people screw up when they got off their med’s.

I been on 30 mg of abilify now for about 6-9 months.I dont have any positive symptoms as of now. Would now be a good time to reduce my dose? My goal is to be around 10 mg that will take care some of the negative symptoms im expierencing

You were on Invega shots right? That stuff will leave your system in three months from now.

I came off my meds in 2007 and managed to survive without them till 2012 but then I relapsed. Any attempts to come off meds now is unsuccessful - I get sick again. I don’t know how I survived so long in remission without meds, and if I will ever reach that point again. I doubt it. My motivation is just too low.

4 years and no psychosis led me to believe I didn’t need them. Big mistake

Maybe Latuda is not the right drug for you - it also causes a lot of Akathisia from what I have researched.

There are many other Antipsychotics out there - I would not give up just yet.