Any success stories getting off medication?

I have no akathisia Latuda is the best drug out there with no histamine blocking.

I think anyone who recovers fully and comes off meds are in hiding, such is the stigma you’ll probably never see them on this forum :wink:

When I go off my meds I lose it.

Never stopping them again

There are a lot of people who managed to get back on track without medications, be strong and you’ll find the way out.

Ive read the half life is 40 days. So its about 80% off. Thats 10 mg of 50mg which was the last dose. So im at 10% of the 100mg i used to take.

I was on saphris for years and tried to go off but after about 2 weeks I would feel psychotic. That was my sign to stay on, lol. Since then I’ve been on several medications and the most recent one being serequel and I’ve been off that one for about 3 weeks and I’ve been ok ( not by choice I had to wait on my pdoc appointment to change meds). I talked to my therapist today and she was asking me if I was going to ask my pdoc to stay off the meds. I said no because I know how that fairytale ends… In hospitalization, so wish me luck on tomorrow I’m back on the Med train.

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