To stay on medication or to go rogue

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I was first diagnosed with drug induced psychosis after my first strong episode psychosis and was suppose to stay on meds for a year but didn’t . I’ve since gone on medications and experienced strong psychosis 2 more times and have since been diagnosed as schizophrenic . My last episode was really bad I did a lot of things among them cut all my hair off …and was since put on olanzapine but have gained 35 pounds n I’ve been severely depressed about this , gaining weight even when I’m not overeating . Plus they make me so fatigued I can sleep 24 hours +… anyway I’ve been feeling so disheartened about my med journey and my doc wants me to try Latuda but I’m also feeling like going rogue n going off meds . I have a friend who has a schizophrenic friend that goes without meds and he just deals with psychosis acutely through meditation and a sleeping schedule . Anyone have advice or know if anyone has ever just gone off meds and been ok ?


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Hi welcome to the forum. I think you should stay on the medication… if you do decide to come off them, talk with your doctor who will help you ween off them safely.

This is not true. I’ve done meditation an it doesn’t do anything for my psychosis. I am also on olanzapine 20mg. Sleeping helps but off meds I stop sleeping. I don’t feel hunger either so I stop eating.

If you are diagnosed with schizophrenia you probably need medical treatment for the rest of your life.

If olanzapine is making you fat and depressed I suggest that you switch meds. Perhaps try one of the activating ones (abilify, vraylar, rexulti).

Thanks for the replies and no this is not my real name . What happens to schizophrenics who don’t Medicate , there must be people who’ve tried out of experimentation

Sure I’ve tried. And I failed.

I take 120 mg Latuda and it is one of the better meds I’ve been on. I don’t have hunger or excessive sleepiness. It is an anti psychotic that they found out later it works well as a mood stabilizer in addition. When I think of going off my meds I wonder what I’ll do about sleep, I can’t without medication. Going off my medicine caused such bad things I never fully recovered. It was a decision I made for myself after suffering very badly. I have not been able to wear jeans for 28 years, they don’t look right with a stomach. I just have to accept it sucks.

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I hear u I’ve had to buy new clothes twice while on olanzipine . I think I’m in denial I’m having a hard time accepting this , if only I didn’t smoke so much weed I wouldn’t be in this position . I just hate meds

Can you share ur experiences trying ?

I went to Narcotics Anonymous for years and haven’t smoked pot in 26 years.

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Zyprexa or olanzapine is notorious for weight gain, it is one of the worst. When I was on it my hunger never subsided even when I ate a ton. Latuda isn’t like that.

I still take 2.5 mg of zyprexa for sleep and it doesn’t make me hungry at that dose.

Has latuda made you gain weight ?

Thanks so much for your replies and sharing

My pdoc told me everything I take, the benzo, the anti depressant, and side effect medicine and Latuda makes you at least a little hungry. I was on 20 mg zyprexa for ten years and what I experience now is not anywhere as bad as far as hunger and sleepiness goes.

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Glad u found what works

Sorry to hear this @Janus_DOMINGO. I’ve put on weight too since going on medication. My weight had stopped increasing, however, since taking Metformin. It is a diabetic medication but it quills your appetite. Maybe you could talk to you mental health team about trying it?

I would definitely NOT stop taking your medications. Just talk to your team, they may have some things to suggest.

I eat three meals a day. I like sugar too much. If I cut it out I’d lose 20lbs quickly.

Lol I love sugar way too much too