Any Special Plans

For This Week Coming? I am going to make borsch - a beet soup - the neighbour gave me beets from her garden.


Drink way less alcohol and exercise way more! That is the plan!


Great plan! What type of exercise?

Walking at a decent pace to moderate jogging. Simple weight bearing exercise and basic weights. And get one of the push bikes going for some cross training! I’ll probably get no where but I do my 11 000 steps a day…just need to add more!

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Awesome! Enjoy! I hope it isn’t too hot in your area.

Exercise is good for depression. You won’t get depressed and take that extra drink.

Game of thrones is my special plan every week.

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That sounds great! Is this a science fiction show?

I’ve purchased the Runstastic apps for doing squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. If you hear a loud scream followed by the appearance of a mushroom cloud over Western Canada, I exceeded my limits in a very bad way.

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lol Have fun! 1515151551515151

Me too I love that show