Maybe we are lazy

maybe we are lazy but we dont mean to be, maybe it is one of the symptoms of sz

i try and keep busy, i use to be very lethargic and didnt go out of my room but then i met sweep and she would help me get out,

we use to go out at 4/5am to get the first papers of the day bc she was highly motivational, i think she started getting the papers early bc i did it when i was hospitalized with her when we first met (but it wasnt that early) and it was for everybody.


Yeah it’s part of the negative symptoms of SZ. Do wonder often if I am just lazy though. Such a thick brick wall to push through sometimes and I seem to come off second best. I think it’s a case of keep trying to push through. What I’m trying to do atm with it at any rate.


I wouldn’t call it lazy. It’s just easier to stay home than force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Can we really be blamed for avoiding the mental torture of trying to act normal and fit in with the “normal” world? Hmmm, drive on the freeway where every car seems to pick me out to tailgate or sleep in an extra hour?
Unfortunately sometimes sleeping in wins.


I think we have to be kind to ourselves for the lazy… if it happens once in a while. Everyone has a lazy time… a time to recharge the batteries.

with all the work you do and school… and job ideas… I wouldn’t call you lazy… you deserve a break now and then.

when I was in the worst of my negative swing… I felt frozen and wax covered… moving was physically hard… reacting was hard… I couldn’t organize my thoughts well enough to figure out how to get moving… I didn’t feel lazy back then… I felt like I had to fight hard to do move and do simple tasks.

Now… yes… it’s much easier for me to address the basket of clean laundry on the table… It would be very easy to fold it and put it away…

but for now… I just want to drink my morning tea and enjoy the morning birds rather then tackle the laundry… that might be lazy for now… but I’m Ok with that. Everyone has a lazy moment…


I may not do much, but don’t dare call me lazy


interesting conversations,my daughter fits into that catagory.she cant motivate herself to do much of anything.thank goodness her girlfriend takes good care of her,very grateful for Q ,she has made such a huge difference in jen,they moved into there own home over a year ago.i on other hand am different sometimes working 12 hrs a day house is spotless most of time ,lovely yard ,my relaxation ,enjoyment is working hrs on my flower beds.ive never had a problem with being sluggish.i do not beleive it would be right to call a skitz lazy for most a daily struggle to just survive day to day

I think a large part of our lethargy is due to learned helplessness. We learned not to try to help ourselves when we were young.

I agree with crimby. I think there can be a lethargy that comes along with such a serious diagnosis, and spending time on disability. You lose the routine and groove of a so called normal life, and it can become easy to slip into a sense of comfort just sort of sitting around. I know the meds can cause drowsiness too.

I think there is a difference between laziness and not being able to work up the courage or motivation to do something.

i think lazyness is when you dont want to do something, but in our case its the fact that we cant or couldnt do something even though we would like to,

even when i was fully blunted mentally and i couldnt go out, i still really, really, really wanted to go out and i think as long as the want is still there then you are not lazy.

like ife you ever said to yourself ‘i would rather be doing this, that or anything other than what i am doing now’ then that means you are not lazy in my opinion,

i think its when we stop being able to do what we really want through no fault of our own but that doesnt mean that we are intentionally not doing anything, it doesnt mean that we are bone idle.


Some people have less negative symptoms than others. Those people usually find it easier to function well, while others with more negative symptoms (or crippling positive symptoms) may feel so flat and unmotivated they hardly get anything done. And some people with sz are lazy, just like some normal people are lazy. But it’s not so great to be quick to judge others either, so maybe laziness isn’t so bad.

My Meds make me lazy!.

i agree with you but i am not judging anyone here, the whole laziness issue really gets to me big time, i get upset if i think someone thinks i am lazy so i thought i would try to come to terms with it here on this thread,

i identified a problem and now i am trying to deal with that problem (residual problems of a high functioning sz) and one of the ways that i try to deal with it is accepting that there is a problem but i need to accept what that problem is first and there has always been this really annoying/upsetting debate going on about whether it is laziness or not.

so i am trying to deal with it but it seems like it could be never ending so i figured the only way to fight it is to get off my arse somehow and do ■■■■ (with help from my meds) its not been easy bc i had to find the right med.

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I don’t want to be lazy. I wanted to get so much done and then I had an episode. If I hadn’t been taken off anti psychotics I wouldn’t have. I had to find leftover medication and I’ve left two voice mails but they haven’t returned the calls. I went to the ER but they didn’t give me a script just two sleeping pills.

I try to finish school but my anxiety prevents me, then I get put on ADHD medication which actually helped and they randomly take me off them. So stimulants were the only thing that motivated me enough that I could focus. I try and fail. I feel like it’s too late for me.

There is a difference between lazy and this. I wanted to finish college even here but now my dads tired of paying for it. I applied to good will and was told that I had no skills because I have no work history. I applied to McDonald’s and they wanted to know why I should be hired over anyone else. No one cares about us.

I want job training but can’t afford it. I receive no assistance from anyone else I live off $30 a day that my dad gives me as an allowance. I mean the mental illness is not my issue it was the fact no one gave me adequate direction in life. I’m intelligent and all my life I wanted to finish college and have a successful career. Not only has this illness robbed me of my future so had this failed system. A system that wants me to see my mother as a lost cause and not feel like I should help her since they won’t!