Any one please explain this behaviour

hi…i was diagnosed ill in 2014 august.i took risperdone .is been 1 year all my positive(delusions) symptoms have gone completely .presently i suffer from avoltion,amotivation etc.this is my condition…NOW HERE IS THE PART.i took risperidne 2 mg with antideppresant (SSRI).one day pdoc reduced the doasge to 1mg risperidone .i took risperidone daily as said but quit the antdeppresant cold turkey .i just did because i fed up with taking 2 meds.suddenly after reducing risperi. to half(1 mg) and stopped taking antidepresant ,i felt enthusiastic,motivated,had a constant urge to socialize.but sadly this lasted only for 1 week.may be because i took antidepresant again due to withdrawal effects.i decided antdepressant was causing apathy…since i heard ANTIDPRESSANT APATHY SYNDROME.(apathy from ssri antidepprsant).i asked the doc stop antidpressant wishing it could bring back my motivation.but sadly there was no improvment in motivation even after stoping antidepresant.i reduced risperidone to 0.5 mg…but still didnt got my motivation…so i am wondering what was happened for that magical one week where i was euphoric,motivated…what shold i do now to regain this condition…what might have beeb the the reason behind this short euphoric behaviour

i cant explain the reason but i would imply that maybe your motivation might not all be down to what you take, it may also be psychological, i’d suggest talking this over with your care team and asking them what they think,

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