Any one on zoloft?

Pdoc is taking me off wellbutrin and putting me on zoloft with lithium. Anyone else take zoloft? What has been your experience?

Got a bit manic on it and now unfortunately they don’t allow me on them

I don’t think manic is in my wheelhouse but I can understand that for those that is.

Zoloft was better than Wellbutrin for me.

I take zoloft as one of the meds. It is okay. Doesn’t affect me too much with side effects. When I first took it, I noticed more difference than I do now. It can’t stop hallucinations or delusions though(for me at least) but will reduce some anxiety.

I’ve been on it for 10 days. The first few days were rough. Anxiety attacks throughout the day, waking up with anxiety attacks. Almost quit. But I didn’t and after 4 days I had no more bad side effects…it was a lot better for me than Lexapro. (Lexapro I had full panic attacks and couldn’t sleep at night at all amidst other things) Apparently it normally takes like 2 weeks on average for the side effects to go away? Went away quite fast for me though. I haven’t really been on it long enough to experience anything good from it.

Really I think everyone’s experiences with psychotropic medications are so different that you can’t really base if one is right for you based on other people’s responses.

From what I know it’s solely used as an antidepressant so it’s not meant to do those things. (Reduce positive symptoms)

This is true. But, it can calm the anxiety that feeds into greater paranoia.

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Yeah, symptoms of comorbid disorders tend to aggravate each other is what I’ve found from my experience.

Yep, I actually first took zoloft for ocd and trichotillio/dermatilliomania